Technology upgrade of #beverage_carbonators, #blenders and other #beverage_carbonating_systems 

Politech-Plus does not only produce high-accuracy inline carbonation systems but upgrades beverage blending&carbonating equipment and complete carbonated beverage filling lines of any brand and manufacturer.

SubCarb is a patented technology designed to minimize both electricity and CO2 consumption, reduce long-term CAPEX needs, dramatically improve quality of carbonation in the process, and improve the environmental impact. The upgrade project offers an exceptionally good ROI at the same time.


Our technology allows carbonating beverage and water at ultra-high temperatures of up to +23°C (+69°F) and lower carbonation pressures than any other systems could deliver in reality. This guarantees significant savings on electricity and CO2. The drink does not foam on the filling machine or foams significantly less. Soft-drinks are drastically more stable through consumption and shelf-life. The dissolution of CO2 at the molecular level allows obtaining very fine bubbles, which is an indirect indicator of the quality of carbonation. Needless to mention, that carbonated drink's taste is influenced by the dissolved CO2 content in the beverage. The consistent CO2 content of well-dissolved CO2 is an important sign of product quality, especially when the quality is the top priority.


How is this outstanding result achieved?


In all known technologies of CO2 dissolution such as Venturi, Vortex, any innovative spray/nozzle variants and etc. the liquid in a liquid-phase is mixed with CO2 in gas-phase. In the meantime, Politech-Plus ensures that gas - С02 is mixed with gas - gaseous beverage, thus ensuring bonding at the molecular level with the surface of mass transfer 10 000 - 12 000 times larger than the one in other technologies. The effectiveness of carbonation reaches its physically feasible maximum no matter whether you carbonate water, mineral water, soft drinks, cider, beer, energy drinks and etc.


Politech-Plus beverage carbonation technology is realized in a compact patented device, which is of modular design. As a self-contained system (Plug&Play concept), SubCarb is installed quickly (within 1-9 hours) without the need to halt production and its unique straightforward design makes it maintenance free. The upgrade is easy and reliably performed on any beverage mixer, carbonator, blender and any carbonating system you may possibly have or think of.

We dully upgrade Sidel Starblend, Mojonnier Carbocooler, KHS Innopro Paramix and Carbomix, Krones Contiflow, Sacmi Blendomas, Famix, Matrix Promix, Ektam Megamix, Manzini Premix, Comac Premix, Орелпищемаш, Орелпродмаш, Ленпродмаш, Стальпромтехнологии, TMCI Padovan Blendtech Premix, AMS Ferrari Premix, Nate OSN, GEA Dicar-B, CFT/CBS Premix Carbonators, SIPA Massblend and other beverage carbonation systems.  

If you are looking to reduce energy bills (electricity and CO2), reduce CAPEX in the long run, improve quality of carbonated soft-drinks, improve process safety and stability and increase your positive impact on the environment, SubCarb will help.


Gear up your CSD filling line with the world's most powerful carbonation technology!

up to 97%

process carbonation efficiency

10 000 times


surface of mass transfer

in comparison to other technologies

7 main problems of soft drinks carbonation

Politech+ excitingly solves


Water/drink requires cooling before carbonation


Product losses occur due to foaming. Reduced filling line speed = low OEE


СО2 effectiveness is unsatisfactory. C02 Yield is low.


Low CO2 carbonation quality, large bubbles


CO2 gathers at the neck of the bottle and is lost quickly through PET walls


High energy costs of cans heating at the tunnel pasteurizer and drying at the air knife dryer


High energy costs of glass bottles drying

Benefits of #continuous_beverage_carbonating system upgrade

Energy savings

Get high carbonation quality without chilling your beverages 

Carbonation is perfect even with high temperature of the drink – up to +21°C. If the processing requires sugar or sweeteners – temperature can be up to +16-20°C.

CO2 savings

Spend much less CO2

The dissolution of CO2 at the molecular level allows to obtain fine bubbles. In addition, the drink does not foam and is significantly more stable. Gas stays in the drink even if the bottle is being opened for many times.

Build to last

Upgrade any type of the equipment

Politech+ upgrades the equipment of all the brands, such as Sidel, Krones, KHS, Famix, Tech-Long, GEA, CFT, SIPA, Sarcmi, Simonazzi, Mojornnier and etc. The very upgrade lasts from 2 to 12 hours and could be done before the regular CIP between the transition from one type of carbonated beverage to another. 

Companies already using Politech+ technology of beverage carbonation

...and more than 250+ companies

in different countries

We upgraded Krones carbonator (45,000 liters per hour). After the upgrade it is possible to significantly increase the temperature of carbonation and stop cooling down water before carbonation. Now we carbonate mineral water at +20-21 degrees Celsius. The carbonator was made to fit the dimensions, so the changeover took place quickly without a long line stop. The carbonator was delivered on time. We got all the instructions, did not have any problems during installation. 

Oleg Kudrin, chief engineer
«Mercury», Cherkessk (Russia)

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