Large 19L bottle washer, filler and capper

The Rapido washer-filler-capper machine is designed to wash 19 liter bottles, fill liquids and cap the bottle. The machine is perfect for small plants and startups: it is easy to operate, and it includes everything for efficient production.

One hundred liters of water is enough to completely wash 120 bottles. Complex washing liquids can be used instead of separate detergents and disinfectants. In the warmer months, Rapido allows you to save on electricity by adjusting the operation of the heaters.

The machine is very compact. It can pass through a standard doorway and be placed in a regular service elevator. The capping device is designed to avoid distortions and scratches of the plugs.



The Rapido machine can pass through a standard doorway and be placed in a regular service elevator.

Easily transport the machine

Save on washing

You can use one complex washing liquid instead buying detergents and disinfectants separately. The bottle is being treated with hot cleaning solution inside and outside. There are no brushes, which prevents microcracks. For the best result, the bottle rotates during washing.

Get clean bottles & save money

Thought-out design

We checked out details that could make your operation process easier and more efficient with our equpment. Filling process is controlled with a level for better accuracy. Capping unit is designed to prevent cap shifts and scratches. Also, it is possible to add an automatic dispenser of silver ions, iodine solution, etc. to increase shelf life of the water.

We know what does your business need

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