Politech-Pluss mission is to provide beverage companies with the ultimate physically feasible process technology solutions.

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Politech-Plus company designs and manufactures premium beverage blending and carbonation systems, pasteurizing and sugar dissolving solutions, customized syrup rooms, aseptic storage, concentrate handling and CIP systems and other flexible process technology solutions.

Politech-Plus was founded by a group of Soviet scientists and engineers in 1998 and redefined the very concept of beverage carbonation by its revolutionary technology. We carbonate at a temperature of +20 C for water and beverages based on artificial sweeteners and at +12-15 C for beverages based on natural sugar ensuring concentration of 5-6 g/liter of carbon dioxide with the best-in-class CO2 consumption. Our Beverage blenders and carbonators provide the world's lowest cost of carbonated beverages.

Politech-Plus scientists first designed Politech-Plus's carbonation technology in the 1980s for military needs . Originally, the invention was inspired by the task to dissolve exhaust gases of Soviet Union diesel-engine submarines so that submarines could not be detected from the air through their gas plume. The problem was successfully solved and gas bonding at the molecular level has become the basis of Politech-Plus's unique beverage carbonation systems with capacity from 2 000 to 80 000 l./Hr.

In 2004 we designed and manufactured our first syrup room with syrup flash pasteurizer for carbonated beverages. Now we produce customized syrup room solutions from fully automated solutions to manual control variants for any product (syrup, juice, energy drink and etc.). Our syrup rooms can be easily integrated in any processing operation and could be designed according to the most sophisticated specifications. Today we manufacture versatile CIP systems, sugar dissolvers, pasteurizers, food storage tanks and other processing solutions for food industry.

Every year Politech-Plus expands its manufacturing footprint into new areas helping beverage manufacturers to reduce costs to the physically minimum level and substantially improve quality of their products.

Now with more than 1 000 carbonation systems as long as hundreds of process technology solutions installed in CIS countries and Europe we prepare our global expansion so that each company could utilize our ultimate physically feasible process technology solutions.

Politech-Plus. Hard physics brings incredible results.

Reviews from our customers

From hard physics to quality

Before I encountered Politech-Plus beverage carbonation systems, the carbonation of blended natural sugar syrups demanded a lot of attention to all process parameters such cooling down of water, pressure gradients clearance during pumping up to the filling installation and many others, substantially increased the cost of the final goods.
Politech-Pluss Plug&Carbonat (4 in 1) solution harmoniously fit into our new filling line from Krones (Germany). Fundamental technical ideas implemented in the carbonating technology of Politech-Plus brought our production of carbonated drinks to a new level of innovation, improving quality and significantly reducing costs.

- Teimuraz Muhtarovich, technical director of "Dayran" JSC, Vladikavkaz, Russia
The lowest cost of carbonation of water and beverages physically feasible

We used carbonators and beverage blending systems of many manufacturers. Every other system falls short as Politech-Plus's carbonation solutions truly deliver a fantastically low cost of carbonation of water, beverages and energy drinks we produce. Politech-Plus completely changed the way we treated carbonation process. Now we carbonate water at +23 C and natural sugar beverages at +12C. As the performance of some of our filling lines reach 36 000 liters / Hr. we save a fortune on electricity as we totally eliminated the need to cool down water.

- Denis, Deputy Director General of "Rucheek" LLC, Krasnodar Region, Russia
Value for money

German specialists planned our beverage production facility and executed the project. We installed cutting edge beverage filling lines, blow molders and packaging equipment and other staff from German machinery manufacturers but we placed an order for the customized syrup room OPKS-2000 (capacity 2000 liters of flavor syrup / Hr.) from Politech-Plus. The syrup room system is tailor-made to our needs, support the continuous production of syrups of all kinds and guaranties the highest quality of flavor syrups. This syrup room is a great thing to get flavor syrups done effectively and efficiently. In addition, it virtually costs several times cheaper than other similar variants.

- Rustam, Chief Engineer of "Sinalco Tajikistan", Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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